I am really excited to finally have something available in the more affordable price bracket for all the wonderful people who have been fans and supporters throughout my career.

I selected the following 4 pieces of the most requested images, and have printed them as close to scale with the original works.  Each poster is printed on a conventional printing press using 4 color printing on UV gloss coated 8 point cover stock.  As a bonus! Proceeds from poster sales will help to fund a larger forthcoming book project that I am working on with Fresco Fine Art Books Publishers and curator/author/critic Gark Clark.

Please visit my Patreon page for updates on the project and to support its progress….Thank you SO MUCH for your support…I am beyond excited for what is coming next…


Select images for full view.

New Ambitious Project in the Works!
If you are interested in taking part, large or small…
Follow the link and read about my proposal and how I will make it happen with your help.