“The Choleric”

The current method I use to transfer a maquette into a larger sculpture is shown here with “The Choleric.” I use the maquettes as reference from start to finish – enlarging the image, making a print to scale, and building an  armature in front of the block poster. The gesture is roughed in from the original sketch and adjusted for the scale of the piece.

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Other Armatures

I work with various tools when I begin building: dowels and pipes are versatile enough to create a variety of support structures, while large prints and Photoshop help me envision the finished sculpture while I work.

“In Boca al Lupo”

Due to the scale of this final sculpture I had to devise a new way to design an armature that would support the weight of the  2,400 lb solid form. These images illustrate the unique challenges of keeping the sculpture supported while sculpting, cutting, hollowing, and firing the piece.

“Tangled Up in You”

The immense complexity of the two figures intertwining in this sculpture demanded an alternative way of reassembling while hollow.  The hollow sections of the 21ft long anaconda snake and human-scaled hare were carefully joined into larger sections, then reassembled onto the original armature. This ensures the sculpture retains the same flow and gesture after it is cut apart.